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Private transportation along the tour, English guide service.

Description 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person
Private tour with English Speaking guide 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD


Potosí, greatest of XVI century, it discovers the great colonial architectonic inheritance of Potosí, the highest city of the world, that was greater than London or Paris.


Half Day

This half day tour to the mines in Potosí gives you the unique opportunity to witness the miners’ way of living in the world’s highest city. You will meet at Andes Salt Expeditions   office at either 9.00 am or 14.00 pm depending on your preference but is better in the morning. Once the group is ready you will board on a private transport and make your way out of the city of Potosi until you reach the equipment deposit

Our great and interesting adventure to the Cooperative mines of the  Rerro Rico ,Rich Hill of Potosí begins with the visit to the Mining market called the “Calvario” place where hundreds of miners are concentrated to provide with material or necessary equipment of work like being: the dynamite, detonating, carbide lamp, coca  leave, large drills . Where you will be able to take you photograph of the dynamite stores, coca leaves and also to acquire presents for the miners.

We will visit silver mines of Rosario, Candelaria, pailaviri and Santa Elena intercommunicate mines

You will visit the most antique mines in the Rich Mountain, dates from colonial times .A trip to the cooperative mines is an unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. You will follow the guide through reasonably wide trails that will take you to different areas of the mines. You will get to meet and speak to miners in their daily routine and give them the gifts you bought previously. You will learn about their extraction techniques and listen to their stories.

The miners work system

You will be able appreciate the sacrificed work of today is miners.Exploitation work of silver began in the colonial period and is maintained today using the same working tools. You will also observe the galleries, putties and cupules made of stones, over 471 years ago.

You will enter more than 1,2 kms. into the intercommunicated mines and descend 7 levels from 20 to 30 mates until you each the heart of the mountain.

Children and Women Miners

You will be acquainted with actual situations of child miners and of women palliri who hold miner activities by selecting minerals.

Equipment for visit (lamp, Helmet. Water boots and Raincoats)

You will cross the interior of the mine with a good equipment of security provided by the company like: helmet of security, calcium carbide lamp, water boots, equipment including.

Experience of work of the visitor and souvenir, you will have activities of participation with the miners in the work of the mine, for an experience, as to take photographies in the route and to obtain mineral pieces like a memory of the Rich Hill.

Custom,Tio and Pachamama (Deities of the Mine)

You will participate in the customs, traditions, superstitions of the mines, miners, relation maintained with the uncle and pachamama like being: ch’alla (libation), that is made inside the mine; every Friday after the work with the coca leaves ,  96° % alcohol, cigarettes and others.

Llamas Sacrifice

The qaracu, llama sacrifice and fetuses ; ritual offered to the uncle of the mine (demon), and the Pachamama (mother earth); in the celebrations of Compadres (carnival). Celebration of the spirit (May) and Celebration of ch’alla (1st August) observed the blood spilled on the porch of the entrance of the mine, and mineral deposits, will have an explanation specifies of the sacrifice of the flames in addition will have with us the opportunity to visit two uncles, one small one of the ex-public mine Pailaviri, call Modest uncle, and another great of the mine called Rosary Jorge uncle. The uncle (demon) considered like the proprietor of the mine and minerals; relations of these deities with the Miners and vice versa; the work, the production and the Pachamama for the good production and protection to the miners. As you go further inside, you will also pay a visit to one of the many statues of El Tío (”the Uncle”), who is believed to be the Lord of the underworld. People highly respect him and bring him various offerings such as cigarettes, alcohol and coca leaves in order to receive his protection. It is believed that if he is not properly fed, El Tío will get angry and cause destruction.

Organized mines tous costs inclued

  • The visit stars at 8:30 am and 01:00 pm every day from our office Andes Salt Expeditions Tour Operator, our first stop is in the miner­­’s market “Calvario”, where you will be able to choose from coca leaves, cigarettes, coke, or water, dynamite and fuses which can be take presents for the miners. We then continue to the plant of mineral refinery (silver factory) and silver mines Rosario, Candelaria, you will be able to appreciate, the sacrifice and work of the miners. Exploitation of the silver began in the tourist or modern mine.
  • You will be able to see many miners their work conditions.
  • We leave regardless of the numbers of tourists and there is maximum of 7 persons in each group
  • Exclusive transport or Bus round trip. You do not have walk or catch public transport.
  • Specialized ex-miner, English speaking Guides, who are knowledgeable, expert with 20 years of experience.
  • We donate 15% of your ticket price is forwarded to the miners, of their fee to support on-site health-care facilities like food, medicines.
  • We supply special mining equipment such as helmets, rubber boots, and waterproof jackets. We are also the only company to provide protective over pants and electric headlamps leaving your hands free.
  • Visit to the observatory a spectacular viewpoint from the Rich Mountain of Potosi (4500m.), one of Kari Kari lakes, by 4×4 WD
  • You will visit women, boy miners.
  • Visit to the mills or the plant of mineral Refinery.
  • We offer bilingual tours with expert guides.

Visit Time

Hard adventure tour: At 1 to 2 hours. (Cooperative Mines Tour)
Soft tour: At 1 hours. (Cooperative Mines Tour)
After the tour you will return to the deposit and leave your equipment there. The tour ends at around 13.00 (or 18.00 pm if you go in the afternoon) back to the office near the main square in Potosi city.


Remember to Bring

For extra energy (youll need it).- Wear old clothes signs light a handkerchief to filter the dusty air. Camera and small handbag.- water, Sodas, Chocolate bar, Bananas and snacks.

– To take for the mining cigarettes, refreshments, coca leaves from Mining Market.


The Program Includes

  • Private Transport
  • Equipment (helmet, boots, jacket, headlight)
  • English – speaking Specialized Guide
  • Ticket to enter the Mine


The Program Not Includes

  • Meals and beverages
  • Gifts for miners (will be purchased on the way to the mines)
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Tips and others not mentioned


Recommendation & Acclimatized

  • Our knowledgeable guides will help you gain fascinating insights into the lives of 200 working miners. Experience the excitement of the mine and receive explanations of the miner is history,economy,culture,and working conditions
  • So we highly recommend first of all to spend at least 4,5 days at high altitude in order to get acclimatized and reduce risks of altitude sickness


How to make the purchase of the mine tour

For the validity of the reservation and purchase of the tour is required to fill the reservation form, lines below this virtual platform, and when you finish click on the “shopping cart”, the purchase of the service should appear in the mini cart in the Right side, then go to the box by clicking on the “checkout” link on the right side of this page. All this must be done with clarity and responsibility.


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