Policies / Cancellations and Refunds

The following terms and condition must be carefully by tourists who want to take service with us, and the acceptance may not carry any further claim on any subject detailed below
Our goal is part of the honest cancellation policy, just possible to cover the costs and expenses invested to operate the reserved and purchased tours.
1.-Reservations and tour purchases for cancellations that are out of our reach are not 100% refundable (NO SHOW) due to road blockages, rain storms, snow storms, sand, white snow winds, social, political events, disease epidemics and others.
2 .- for the cancellation of any reservation the touristic service it must by one day before, having to pay a percentage of 35% (administration fee) customer cancellation fee on tour or any cancellation at the last minute is 100% without refund. NO SHOW is considered as cancellations and there won’t be any refund
3.- We will not be held responsible for any cancellation, changes of the date or time that is not in their control such as bad weather, civil protest, road blockages, and dust storm.
4.-ANDES SALT EXPEDICIONS tour operator is not responsible for mental or physical injuries, damages, delays, sickness, distress, etc. suffered by the customers as a result of the circumstance beyond our control like natural disasters, social or political acts, epidemics, and others
5.- ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS tour operator is not responsible for any accident, or delays cancellation of any kind of transportation (Bus. Train. And airplane)
6.- If something happens on the climbing and trekking tour tours, we will assist you in all the necessary. but we don’t assume any payment responsibility of the medical service, ambulance or any assistance. Nevertheless, the cost will be paid by the members insurance.
7.- ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS tour operator will not be responsible for customer that are unable to finish the tour due to improper acclimatization.
8.- You will be responsible for the equipment that you use during the climbing and trekking tours. All damages or lost of equipment will be charged to you if it caused by negligent or by not obeying the rules provided.
10.- ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS tour operator is not responsible for lost you item (Camera, iPod, cell phone, lap tops, etc.) or some damage in your belongings
11.- All your personal belongings and item is completely under guest responsibility. (there for this contract constitutes a legal instrument that gives the right to use public enforcement to make this payment effective and, by signing this agreement you agree with us
12.- Cancellations can be processed only during business hours, but can be requested by email. All processing times are calculated only during our business hours, that is, if you send an email to cancel a tour, the notification period is only calculated from the opening hours of our offices and not from the time you sent the email. You should take this into account if you use email for any cancellation or change you wish to request.
13.- A fine is applied and the cancellation was due to a lost family illness or other unavoidable circumstances we can provide a letter for the purposes of the insurance claim upon request but the circumstances do not affect the amount of the fine unless the operator makes an exception.