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Dear Andes Salt Expeditions customers:

On behalf of the ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS team, receive our most sincere and warm greetings in such difficult times, but with great hope for the future. From our home UYUNI city, from the largest and most magical Uyuni salt flats, we send you all our positive energies in order to overcome this global pandemic that has separated us from all our loved ones and from all the people of the world.

Like any storm that comes to an end, this pandemic will be temporary. There will be future moments already close to be able to be together again enjoying the beauty of our planet and all the wonders that await us to know on it.

We want to express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in the ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS team to be their tour operator in their future adventures in our ancient lands Bolivian, especially in the magical Uyuni salt flat.

As we all understand, we are at a time when the world economy has suffered a severe setback due to the crisis caused by Covid 19. Many productive and service sectors have been severely affected. The tourism industry has not been immune to this, on the contrary, it was one of the first affected. Trips have been canceled or postponed all over the world. Tourism, the most important economic activity in Uyuni city, has fallen.

For this reason, appealing to the goodwill of each and every one of our clients, we ask those who still have a reservation with us for the next few months or in the future, not to cancel them. We ask that you continue to believe in us and keep the future option to travel in 2021, 2022. We will remain flexible regarding your travel date. We know that many of you are being affected economically as we are, but ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS continues to fight, firm and with the same desire to continue providing a quality service to our clients to know our wonder of the world, SALAR DE UYUNI AND LAGUNAS DE COLORES.

That is why, as a tourism company, we have found ourselves in the need to follow the following guidelines from now on:

  • Any fee that you have paid in advance, for the tour to the Uyuni salt flat and lagoons 3 days, will NOT be returned. Change of travel dates will only be allowed if the country CONTINUES CLOSED.
  • Each reservation incurs expenses, 30% of the total price of the tour or package, which unfortunately are not refundable. For these reasons, we cannot offer a refund. In the most prudent way we offer you the option to change the date of your trip without paying any penalty to the new dates until December 31, 2022.
  • Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, we have updated our policy with immediate effect: if you have a tour or trip booked at any time in 2020, 100% of your payments can be applied to a future trip in 2021, 2022. Even if you can’t make a decision now, you can make it up to a month before your trip, we can reschedule it.
  • We do not need the exact dates that you plan to reschedule, we sincerely hope that you can keep your trip to Bolivia. We also don’t expect anyone to be able to choose new dates until flights are back to normal.

If you are forced to cancel your trip, we will provide a letter to your insurance company so that you can request a refund of your deposit.

Many of our compatriots here in Bolivia have lost their jobs. ANDES SALT EXPEDITIONS has continued firm despite the harsh circumstances, as thousands of families in Uyuni have been left helpless by this critical situation.

Finally, we have many human reasons to continue steadfast in our decision to continue working, resisting and facing this pandemic with the best will in the world.

Thanks to your trust and the non-cancellation of your trip, we will continue to provide the most humane and comprehensive solutions possible, both to our external clients (our travelers), as well as to our internal clients (our staff).

We always send you blessings and a lot of love from the management of the Andes Salt Expeditions team.

Braulio mamani

Thank you for your trust.