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The amazing Uyuni  salt flats  and color lagoon tour includes guide  English speaking guide  is operated by our company Andes Salt Expeditions, with daily departures, company with good reputation for more than 38 years of experience, with 7 consecutive certifications of excellence 2015;2022 by Tripadvisor ,the last night sleep in Salt hostel in double , matrimonial, quadruple private room and bathroom

Duration: 4 DAYS/3 NIGHTS
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9 Consecutive certifications of excellence
2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 by Tripadvisor

Private transportation along the tour, English guide service.

Description 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person
Shared tour with  English Speaking guide 270 USD 270 USD 270 USD 270 USD 270 USD 270 USD


Shared Mid-Range Tours
 Uyuni Salt Flat +Sunrise ,Laguna Colorada,Laguna Verde tour  in Reverse Night of Stars.Including english-speaking guide ,Uyuni by Andes Salt Expeditions. Tour to colored lagoons & Salt Flat 4D / 3N  Tour Inverse (Private tours only or full 6 passengers)


Lipez Tour Day 1

Heading to South Lipez office hours 08:30 am from  Andes Salt Expeditions  in 4×4 WD vehicles Toyota land cruiser on a tour Conversely, a tour where there is crossed with a multitude of vehicles, this tour is reversed visit the Uyuni salt flat  the last day, where every day is discovered wonderful scenery, We headed to the town of San Cristobal where we can observe a church of colonial times then we continue to Siloli Desert, Alota, we will enter to Volcano Ollague , where we can see the petrified volcanic lava then we go to the viewpoint of Ollagüe volcano to enjoy a volcano with little volcanic activity, it is between Chile and Bolivia, after we got the chain of lagoons highland lakes where we can appreciate the different types of flamingos, as Cañapa lagoon, Hedionda lagoon (lunch)  Chiarcota lagoon and Honda lagoon.  We shall also pass through the Siloli Desert. The route passes through spectacular landscapes with multicolored volcanic rock formations, and reaches a height of 5000 metres then go to enter the National Reserve Eduardo Abaroa where the Stone tree whose natural form is petrified volcanic lava eroded (volcanic Ignimbrite)by wind and rain so we reach the most important of the second day attractive laguna Colorada quite amount of flamingos, then headed we shall arrive at laguna colorada at about 04.30 p.m. Colorade Lagoon lies 300 km to the south of Uyuni City at an altitude of 4250 metres and covers an area of 60 km2. The rich red coloration is derived from algae and plankton, which thrives in its minerals and the shoreline, is fringed with brilliant white deposits of sodium, magnesium, borax and gypsum. The lagoon is inhabited by numerous flamingos, three species of which breed there. The Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Chilensis) reaches a height of just over one metre and has a black-tipped white bill, dirty blue legs, red knees and salmon-coloured plumage. The James flamingo (Phoenicopterus James) is the smallest of the three species. The Andean flamingo (Phoenicopterus Andinos) is the largest of the three and has pink plumage, yell legs and a yellow and black bill. To see these pink posers strutting through icy mineral lagoons at 5000m will make you abandon timeworn associations between flamingos, coconut palms and hot steamy tropics, then headed to the town of Huayllajara where we have hostel,with rooms and private bathroom, based on double matrimonial bed,twin bed,singel bed, triple, quadruple beds with hot water, you will enjoy a hot coffee or chocolate at tee time and after a delicious dinner and rest.


Lipez Tour Day 2

We shall depart from Laguna Colorada to Green Lagoon. At 05:00 to 05 :30 AM Wake up, we Continue Visiting the Geysers volcanic zone ‘Sol de Mañana’ (Morning Sun).  Here, at 4850 meters, is a geyser basin with pots of bubbling mud, (volcanic crater) infernal fumaroles and a thick aroma of sulfur vapors. This is a site of intense volcanic activity. Inside a small crater we shall observe boiling lava, reminding us of the age in which the earth was formed., Hot Springs ( Laguna Chalviri) (Breakfast), Cross Salvador Dali Desert, Green Lake The green color of this lake arises from high concentrations of lead, Sulphur and calcium carbonate., Licancabur Volcano 5960 metres, then we continue towards Uyuni for 8 hours on the way we will visit several attractions and then go through the barrel of Villa alota  continue the Valley of Rocks to observe volcanic lava petrified then we went to the canyon of Catal to observe pretty much llamas and birds  to the town of San Cristobal where we can observe a church of colonial time and then go through the barrel of Villa alota  , and arrive  in  Uyuni at 18:00pm. salt hostal ,diner and rest.

Lipez Tour Day 3

From Andes Salt Expeditions office the tour leaves at 10:00 am. In a Toyota land cruiser 4×4 drive. We are going to visit the Train Cemetery, where you can see the remains of nineteenth and early 20th century steam locomotives and which is a good place to take artistic photographs. Arrival at COLCHANI, lies beside the Uyuni salt flat and is the home of the Cooperative Rosario – the main plant for the iodization of salt. It is the best place to observe the methods of salt extraction from the salt flat. Here ovens are used to dry the salt, which is then formed into cakes. We will visit the salt refinery where you will witness the iodization of salt for national consumption, taken to the great salt flat of Uyuni (Uyuni salt flat) where you first will see the salt mining and the piles of salt (pyramids of salt) after this you go to see the eyes of the salt ( big holes in the salt flat where the water from underneath of this lake still comes out by high pressure) later you go straight to the ex-salt hotel Playa Blanca made out salt (the only hotel allowed inside of the salt flats) where you take time for pictures taking a look of the rooms, salt sculptures and the lobby of the hotel and having lunch in the same place llama meat optional veggie (omelets )after lunch  ,also on the shore of the salt flat we will visit the flags of the world, monument to the Dakar, eyes of salt, you will also have a photo and video section with the professional expert driver guide the after the  Toyota Land Cruiser goes to Incawasi Island ( giant cacti) is located in the centre of the salar at 100 km from Uyuni . This is the main destination for most salt-desert tours. It is a remarkable and otherworldly place – a hilly outpost covered in trichocerus cacti and a flat, white sea of hexagonal salt tiles. A large population of stranded viscachas (Andean rodents) inhabits its rocky slopes which also afford views of the salt flats that are reminiscent of the polar region, dominated by the color blue and white, but with images of hills turned to one side by 45°. Photographers will find that Fish Island is one of the best sites in the world to indulge their passion, see how big it is, the unusual formations in the salt flat that looks like, hexagons and pentagons on top and something that you definitely have to do here are the pictures with the huge perspective where people looks so tiny and funny with funny photos and funny videos . After visiting the Incawasi island we will have the sunset, to have an impressive panorama, we will also visit the reflection of salt water that is the giant mirror, accompanied with wine and snacks to celebrate your visit to Uyuni salt Flats  ending the tour at 7:30 p.m. and then go to our salt hostel in  accommodation offering single bed, double matrimonial bed, twin bed,triple quadruple bed, with hot showers private room and bathroom  Arriving in there you will enjoy a delicious dinner. Where pass the night rest.

Lipez Tour Day 4

Departure to Uyuni Salt Flats- Uyuni at 04:00 hours am , early to attend the sunrise over the Salt Flat,hexagons and pentagons on top and something that you definitely have to do here are the pictures with the huge perspective where people looks so tiny and funny with Funny photos and funny videos to the great Uyuni salt flat where we enjoyed the sunrise .After sunrise, breakfast at the salt hotel, and at 09:30 a.m. we will leave for the Tunupa volcano with the legendary land cruiser, visit beautiful caravans of llamas, flamingos, panoramic view of the volcano, mirror effect with salt water , we will climb to a height of 4100 m from above we will have a view of the Uyuni salt flat, then we will visit the mummies of the Tunupa cave, optional trekking to the first viewpoint of 1 hour and a half. Then we return to Uyuni and end of the tour.


Do not forget to bring the Following items

  1. Sun Block Cream
  2. Comfortable shoes for trekking.
  3. 4 liters Water
  4. Waterproof Clothing
  5. For extra energy:chocolate, snickers
  6. Warm clothes,gloves,wool socks,boots.
  7. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your passport
  8. Sunglasses, camera iPod.
  9. 300bs for extras.

Value includes


Value Not Included

  1. Extra expenses and tip.
  2. Mineral Water 1 liters per person per day
  3. Sunglasses and sun cream
  4. Additional snacks and beverages
  5. Torch – recommended

Top questions and answers about expedition to the salt flat.

Q) Does the tour have daily departures?
A) Yes. Departures can be scheduled in January,february,march months only depending on previous client confirmation.
Q) How much time in advance should I book the tour?
A) Due to high demand of the tour, we recommend to book at least a week in advance.
Q) Do I need to be vaccinated against yellow fever for the tour?
A) The vaccine against yellow fiber is not required for the tour to the Uyuni Salt and lagoons.
Q) What kind of car is used to do the tour?
A) The tour is made on a 4x4WD (Toyota Land Cruiser,Nisan patrol)
Q) How likely is suffer “sorocchi” or altitude sickness during the tour?
A) The most of the tour is made above 3665 meters to 4,000 meters high, so it is quite likely to suffer “sorocchi”, especially the first day of the tour.
Q) When is it possible to see the mirror effect on the Uyuni Salt Flat?
A) The mirror effect occurs when there is water on the salt flat. This happens only in rainy periods January, February and March.
Q) Is it possible to do the tour in private service?
A) Yes. To request rates, click on the superior package hotel and English guide service.
Q) Is it possible to do the tour with an English-speaking guide?
A) Yes. The English-speaking guide service for this tour is included in the price.

Important Recommendations

Expeditions to salt flat and colored lagoons begin in the office of Andes Salt Expeditions located in Uyuni city. To reach Uyuni we have means of transportation buses, airlines like Amazonas, BOA, train, more information in the transport section. 

Pick up and drop-offs

The transfer services from the airport, bus terminal is included in our costs, for this you only need to notify us your arrival in Uyuni 1 day before via email or by calling the mobile 591 72414748 to coordinate your transfer to the hotel or our office, likewise We will transfer you to the airport, bus terminal at the end of the tour.

Maximum group size in land cruiser

The capacity of the Toyota land cruiser is 6 tourists 1 driver guide, with the following distribution 1 passenger ahead with driver-guide, 3 passengers in the middle of the vehicle seat and 2 pax in the row of seats in the 3 Days of tour the passengers are rotating of seat.

Private Tour

we also organize tours in private for your comfort in the vehicle only for you, your friends or family, with more space, from 1 pax up to 6 pax, likewise with luxury hotels with the hotel line Tayca, hotel Salty moon, hotel Palacio de sal, hotel cristal samaña with heating, restaurant, wi fi, based on double, triple, quadruple beds, with private water, private bathroom, heating with the difference that the price would have to pay for 6 passengers with additional cost.


The 1st night of the tour will be in salt hostel, based on double beds, triples, Quadruple rooms, with shared bathroom, with shared hot water, we also offer 2 star hostels, with private bathroom, private hot water, based on double, double, triple, quadruple beds at an additional cost not very expensive.

Rainy season, winter season

The months of January, February, in Uyuni it is rainy weather because of this the salt flat is flooded with 20 centimeters of water because of this is complicated and dangerous the view to the incawasi island of 80 Km , For the foresight and safety the tourist p is not visited incawasi island in this rainy season, is also recommended between the months of May, June, July, August is winter time where the temperature drops to 15 degrees below zero in Laguna Colorada during At night and at dawn, on the day the temperature is 20 degrees above zero, so it is advisable to wear warm clothing, such as leggings, hats, scarves, thermal mountain shoes, jackets, gloves, sunglasses, sweaters.

Size of the luggage for the tour 4 days / 3 nights

The most important thing for the tour of 3 days, 4 days, is required to bring, winter clothes, sleeping bag with option to rent at the tour operator, mineral water 4 liters, sunglasses, snacks like chocolate, sweets , Biscuits to eat before lunch, dinner, camera, iPod, all this in a separate suitcase, the large suitcase that is not used in the 3 days of tour can deposit it in the office of Andes Salt Expeditions without any charge, the reason is That the way of the tour is very bad way of the desert, to avoid breaking the suspension of the Toyota land cruiser, but the passengers that finish the tour in san Pedro of Chile we take everything with preference.

How to make the purchase of the tour

For the validity of the reservation and purchase of the tour is required to fill the reservation form, lines below this virtual platform, and when you finish click on the “shopping cart”, the purchase of the service should appear in the mini cart in the Right side, then go to the box by clicking on the “checkout” link on the right side of this page. All this must be done with clarity and responsibility to avoid mistakes and confusion. Of course you can ask any questions via emails, we will respond with pleasure.

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